Project: 5-part eBook Series

I developed, organized, wrote, edited and proofread a 5-part eBook series with easy to read how-to content on different agriculture topics. These 5 books were created in the span of 6 months. The series included books on how to grow Mushrooms, Saffron, Microgreens, Lavender, and Bulbs. 

The tone of the books was light-hearted, easy to read and conversational. 

The books were then published on Amazon and sold in the United States. Here you’ll find an excerpt from one of the books: how to grow Saffron for beginners. 


If you are here, I want you to take a second to feel proud about this moment. You have made a decision most people fear: starting a business doing something you love. 

When we talk about businesses, too many factors come into the picture. No doubt, questions will crowd your mind – the first of them being, “Where do I start?”

Well, worry no more. This guide is here to be your beacon of light in the midst of the fog. If you want to start a profitable business growing saffron (an advantageous species to grow), you are in the right place. 

Growing saffron for profit doesn’t have to be painful. This is supposed to be a fun, refreshing way to make a profit while you embark on a journey full of new, natural experiences. 

When I wrote this book, I thought about you: entrepreneurs who love gardening as much as I do and wish to turn their love into a solid income (don’t we all?)

This guide is filled with actionable steps, tips, and in-depth info to take you from “Where do I even start?” to landing your first client growing saffron. And if everything goes according to plan, it will be the first of many. 

By the end of this book, you should have all the tools and knowledge necessary to start running a successful business from the comfort of your home. 

You are entering a new world full of fresh potential.

Growing saffron is an exhilarating journey. It’s challenging, unexpected and the type of adventure that gets your heart beating. Get your shovels ready – time to start digging into the good stuff. 


Excerpt: Chapter 1

Why Saffron? What’s so special about it to dedicate your time and energy to it? We’ll get to that, but first, let’s start at the beginning. 

Saffron is delicious; that much is clear. It is a colorful seasoning that can be used in pieces of bread, desserts, and all sorts of gourmet dishes worldwide. From England to India and all around the Mediterranean, Saffron is an essential part of the culinary arts. Without it, Indian curry or a Spanish paella just wouldn’t be the same. 

It is often claimed that saffron is worth more than its weight in gold. This isn’t exactly accurate, but it is still one of the most expensive spices. A spice that’s valued at up to $16 per gram is worth keeping an eye on. 

You should know that this variety is special and relatively interesting because it’s a triploid: it can’t grow in the wild or reproduce without human intervention. Now, how surprising is that? The beautiful purple flower is propagated and harvested by hand, and only in the morning does it bloom. 

The bright-red threads you’ve bought in the market are actually what we’ll call from now on “stigmas”. It can also be referred to as the female portion of the saffron flowers. Believe it or not, each saffron flower produces a total of 3 stigmas. Once these stigmas are carefully removed and dried, they can be arranged to be sold. 

It takes hundreds of flowers to produce an amount of saffron that can be sold effectively, so of course, this is reflected in the price. 




What is True Saffron?

With a spice as valuable as this one, it is only natural to expect people or big companies to want to get as much profit from it as possible. 

Sadly, this has led to many people wanting to take advantage of it, in the worst way possible. Not even the saffron industry is free of dishonest sellers. So, how can you tell fake saffron from the real one?

It’s a war out there and everyone’s in it for their own gain. But you and I know better.

Nothing good comes from selling fake saffron. If you want to build a profitable business, make sure it remains honest and transparent at all times, and that you are selling a high-quality product that your clients will love.