DIY Guide to Kickstart Your Copy Skills

In this guide, I explain the basis of Copywriting and Content Writing, and how skilled copywriters use words to persuade readers into taking action. 

I wrote this guide with YOU in mind. No fluff, no BS – just my mental process and mindset to write heart-to-heart copy that convinces the reader. 

This guide is packed with examples, snack-sized tips and easy tricks that you can start implementing in your copy TODAY.

It’s a quick read with a bit of humor and all-things copywriting that you can read in under 30 minutes. I promise, you’ll enjoy this one. 

We’ll discuss the psychological aspects of copywriting – and sales – and how we can use these facts to our advantage when writing your brand’s texts. 

You’ll also have access to:

And so much more. 

After finishing this guide, you’ll have a go-to resource to turn to anytime you stare at the scary blank page with no idea on how to start writing. 

This is a quick, effective way to get your wheels spinning in the right direction to persuade your readers. 

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