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Build Your Brand's Character Workbook: Craft Your Brand's Personality Like A Best-Selling Author.

In this workbook, I walk you through the process that best-selling authors follow to create characters that jump off the page – with just one difference. 

The character we are going to create is your brand

This way, you can craft your brand’s personality, voice, and visual identity to create your business’s competitive advantage from the start.

With this method, your brand’s texts will do a complete 180 turn and your audience will connect with you on a deeper level.  

USD $9.99

DIY Guide to Immediately Improve Your Copy Skills

In this guide, I explain the basis of Copywriting and Content Writing, and how we can use words to persuade readers. 

This guide is packed with example, snack-sized tips and easy tricks that you can start implementing in your copy today without much effort. 

It’s a quick read with a bit of humor and all-things copywriting that you can read in under 30 minutes. 

USD $4.99

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