eBook Writing

Project: 5-part eBook Series I developed, organized, wrote, edited and proofread a 5-part eBook series with easy to read how-to content on different agriculture topics. These 5 books were created in the span of 6 months. The series included books on how to grow Mushrooms, Saffron, Microgreens, Lavender, and Bulbs.  The tone of the books […]

Instagram Content

Content Writing for Social Media During 2020, I started a personal project to connect with other brand owners and form a community of like-minded creators. My account grew to a point where I recorded over 10% of engagement rate and helped others improve their copywriting skills. I focused on creating disruptive, uncommon content with the […]

Content Writing in the age of AI

Content Creation in the Age of AI Article writing. Table of Contents For the last few months, we’ve not been able scroll on any social media platform without being reminded that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, and that it is shaping the new era. Much like a lot of people did back when the […]

Program Description and Sales Page

Service Web Page This project was all about describing in detail the FIT Life Method Program Certification, which is one of the main services of the brand. This brand has a very spiritual, uplifting tone of voice, which is evident throughout the page. This Service-slash-sales page has maintained a great stream of inbound clients for […]

Find your writing voice blog

Unleashing Your Writing Voice: How to Write Confidently Article writing. Table of Contents You might not hear this from many writers nowadays, but I’d like to share a little secret with you: most of my writing skills are self-taught. If you’d like to go snooping around my work to try and pick apart my faults […]